A graduate of Purdue University for Medical Engineering Technology, Self has achieved engineering experience in the disciplines of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and mic contamination.

In 1994, Self-founded AM Technical Solutions (AMTS.com), a licensed architect, engineering and construction management firm engaged in the design and construction of advanced technology facilities worldwide. Earning the Platinum Safety Award for ten consecutive years.

AM Technical Solutions is an industry leader in the design and construction of ultra clean research and production environments and industry experts in air purification.

Tim Self has spent over 26 years creating the largest clean rooms globally.  

In 2016, Tim Self stepped down from his role as Chairman, but continues to have an active role in the company.

It was through Self’s experience at AM Technical Solutions that AirBox was founded in 2017. Having suffered from allergies all his life, he had been searching for an effective air purifier and was unable to find one that satisfied his performance and design standards. He parlayed his 30 years’ experience constructing and designing world-renowned cleanrooms across the globe for Fortune 500 companies and developed and engineered the best-in-class AirBox Air Purifier using "Clean Room" HEPA FILTER technology.   Tim Self AIRBOX Story -